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Long-Playing Vinyl Albums
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45 RPM vinyl singles

  • Golden Rocket/I'm Movin' On, Arc 1082, 1965
  • I's The By/Come Where We're At, Arc 1135, 1966
  • Wreck of the Old 97/Running Bills, Arc 1175, 1966
  • Long Time Gone/The Fool, Arc 1184, 1966
  • Johnnie Walker/Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun, Arc1193, 1967
  • Unemployment Song/Caribou Club, Arc 1232, 1968
  • Psycho/King of Fools, Arc 1235, 1968
  • Home Again This Year/Badger Drive, RCA 75-1100
  • Aunt Martha's Sheep/same, RCA SPCS-45-114
  • Shift Old Ireland/Japanese Gin
  • The Old Fishing Hole/I Wouldn't Take A Million Dollars For A Single Maple Leaf - with Roy Payne, Starpak - 1
  • Aunt Martha's Sheep/The Unemployment Song, RCA 75-1098, 1972
  • Me and Brother Bill/I Married A Newfie, RCA KJBO-0010, 1973

45 RPM Extended Play

  • "It's 1977 in Newfoundland" - Produced for 1977 Canada Summer Games by Jack Feeney - Side One (ST 57553): Aunt Martha's Sheep, Promo for Summer Games Read by Dick Nolan, The Ryans and the Pittmas --- Side Two (ST 57554): Squid Jiggin' Ground, Promo for Summer Games read by Michele Chic, Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary's

    Note: The versions of the four songs on the record are different from versions which appear on other Dick Nolan recordings.  It appears they were recorded especially for this occasion.  He is accompanied by typical country and western instruments. It was a promotional record with limited distribution. The label on the record does not identify a recording company.  (Wayne Tucker)

Cassette Tapes

  • I'se the B'y What Catches Da Fish, Arc V8-1026
  • Best of Dick Nolan, RCA KNK1 - 7062
  • Welcome Aboard, Boot 5BTM-2008
  • My Beautiful Island, Condor 1500, 1991
  • More, Condor 1509, 1993
  • My East Coast, Condor1519, 1994 (same titles as Welcome Aboard, Boot BTM 2008)
  • Christmas At Home, OAK XM57, 1993
  • Down By The Sea, Condor HC 4433, 1998 (see CD for song titles)

8-Track Tapes

  • Truck Driving Man, Ahed V8-1021, Arc V8-1021
  • I'se the B'y What Catches Da Fish, Arc V8-1026
  • Newfie Hits, Ahed NH-8-6
  • Folsom Prison and Other Johnny Cash Songs, Arc V8-1055
  • Fisherman's Boy, RCA Camden, CC8S-1005
  • Home Again This Year, RCA CC8S-1010
  • Happy Newfoundlanders, RCA KCS1-0012
  • Dick Nolan, RCA KXS1-0096
  • A Country Song, Boot BTM8 - 2001
  • Best of Dick Nolan, RCA KNS1 - 7062
  • Side By Each, Starpak SK8-132
  • Dick Nolan's Greatest Hits of Newfoundland, Starpak SK8-134

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Compact Discs


Dick appears on the following:

  • Long playing albums:
    • Woman is Boss - Marlene Beaudry, Arc AS 812
      (Dick sings harmony on 'Happy Birthday, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year')
    • On Tour with Big Slim - The Lone Cowboy, Arc 583, circa 1962-3
      (Dick plays rhythm guitar with the Blue Valley Boys)
    • The Best Years of Your Life - Red Sovine, Arc A-622, circa 1962-3
      (Dick plays rhythm guitar)
    • Your Little Deeds of Kindness - Bonnie Lou Nolan, RCA KCL1 - 0061, 1974
      (Dick sings with Bonnie Lou on 'Jeannie's Afraid of the Dark' and 'Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms')
  • Compact discs:
    • The Incredible Harry Hibbs, Condor HCD 4410, 2001
    • Million Dollar Maple Leaf - Roy Payne, Condor HCD 4430, 2003


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