A Brief History Of celtic
(SONY BMG 82876769762, Released May 2006)

Dick Nolan, Bono, The Pogues, Rory Gallagher, Kate Smith, The Clancy Brothers, The Rankin Family,
Ashley MacIsaac, Spirit of the West, The Dubliners, Carmel Quinn and others

Executive Producer: Susan Lute, Compilation Producer: James Greenspan, Mastered by: John Gilbert, Graphic Design & Illustrations: Jean Chin

Special thanks to Josh Bednar, Eileen Costello, Lisa DaSilva, Brad Keenan, Carol Klinker, Tina McCulloch, Stephen Simon and Mary Suiden

A Brief History of... Celtic
Brendan Murphy
For an Irishman and a onetime East Coast resident, I've always run far from this fiddle and blarney shite. But like everyone else on St-Patty's day, for one day of the year, frost me nuts if it isn't the greatest music in the world. And, not to give credence to an entirely true stereotype, but it's because everyone has the cups in them. Don't think so? Listen to The Clancy Brothers' Beer, Beer, Beer or The Dubliners' Whiskey in the Jar. The only song that I could contemplate listening to the rest of the year is Spirit Of The West's Home for a Rest, but given a mick's tendency to spend all his dole money on the drink before heading home to give the missus a touch of the excitement, I'd better not. Thank God this only happens once a year. Five (hiccup) oot a (hiccup) five.


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