Dick Nolan Country

Avondale Music Ltd 02 08654
(released 2008)

Rubber Boots - Mark Hiscock
Ladies Dart League Fight - Peter Francis Quinlan
Aunt Martha's Sheep - Dick Nolan
Peter Street - Patrick Moran, Mark Hiscock, Mike Kinsella & Larry Foley
Eli's On the Weed - Ellis Coles
Cock A Doodle Do - Ray Lake
Never Been There Before - The Punters
Mobile Goat - Colleen Power
Good Old Newfie Outhouse - Bobby Evans
Up At the Cabin - Wince Coles
Paddy McGinty's Goat - The Ennis Sisters
Twice Daily - Shanneyganock
Where Be the Blacbird To ? - Muldow

Liner Note:

"It seems in Newfoundland we can make up a funny or silly song about anything.  Poking fun at ourselves goes hand in hand with everday experiences.  It makes no difference whether the song is about a sheep, wacky baccy, a cabin, outhouse, goat, boots, darts, blackbird or a tongue in cheek romp in the hay."


Executive Producer: Lyle Drake
Concept, Layout & Design: Lyle Drake

Dick Nolan Country